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Arthur D. Hlavaty

From the Oval Throne of Pope Guilty I

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El Coyote Gordo
6 October 1942
External Services:
sf reader for 60+ years; zine writer/publisher for 39 years.
e-mail zine (Nice Distinctions) available on request
founder and pope, Church of the SuperGenius (in Wile E. we trust)
Wile E. Coyote: The God For A Time When Nothing WorksTM
he/him/his (correct to the nearest integer)

I am a retired freelance copy-editor/proofreader. I live with my spouse nellorat and my cohusband womzilla; we've been living together for 22 years, and it keeps getting better. I am a big cissy, so my preferred pronouns are "he, him, his." I am blessed with no children, but we have many pet rats. I am definitely on the introversion spectrum, but probably not as far as Asperger's. Perhaps I am an ODDball. I was forcibly graduated from Swarthmore in 1964. Politically, I am a liberal with libertarian tendencies. Religiously, I am a Jewish Discordian Gnostic heretic who worships a cartoon character (Wile E. Coyote). I am also a mathematical mystic, who thinks that our ability to comprehend the infinite, even in part, is a connection with the Divine. I will stop being a human exceptionalist when an animal writes a sonnet or proves a theorem. The two books that Made Me What I Am Today are Stranger in a Strange Land and Illuminatus! I am an epigram geek. Ceci n'est pas un Pepys. I stopped writing "Vladimir Putain" because it's unfair to sex workers.

100 things about me.

and another 100

Dislikes:40: ann coulter, antichoice, apostrophe in possessive its, bill o'reilly, carrot top, cilantro, creationism, cucumbers, egalitarianism, fox news, fred phelps, gas guzzlers, george w. bush, homophobia, hypocrites, luddites, mandatory modesty, mandatory motherhood, melon, misogyny, most music after 1972, pat robertson, people who don't use turn signals, racism, ralph nader, reality tv, reality, road runners, rush limbaugh, savage michael, scientology, sexism, spam, stupid people, stupidity, the patriot act, the religious right, velvet underground, war, wowsers

I used to have an interests list, until a mob of wowsers forced lj to kick people out for the wrong ones. This is what it was:

alan watts, alfred bester, algebra, alligators, angus wilson, anthony burgess, anthony powell, barrington j. bayley, baseball books, bertrand russell, blackadder, blues, c.s. lewis, charles addams, charles stross, childfree, connie willis, constructivism, copy-editing, coyotes, damien broderick, david chalmers, dennis potter, diane duane, dirty jokes, discordianism, donald e. westlake, doo-wop, dwight macdonald, early elvis, elitism, elizabeth bear, epigrams, ethnomethodology, falsifying statistics, fandom, fanzines, fat acceptance, fats domino, feminism, filks, folk rock, frederik pohl, fredric brown, futurama, general semantics, geometry, gnosticism, gore vidal, grammar, greg egan, gregory bateson, harlan ellison, hermann hesse, homemade porn, hugh kenner, illuminatus!, infinity, intertextuality, introversion, isnt, james joyce, james tiptree jr., jerome kagan, jo walton, joe haldeman, john barth, john brunner, john sladek, john varley, johnny cash, jorge luis borges, karl popper, ken macleod, laurence sterne, laws of form, lenny bruce, lewis carroll, liberalism, libraries, lilith della mare, linguistics, literalized metaphor, logic, lydia davis, m.c.escher, malcolm gladwell, mathematical logic, mathematics, matt ruff, max headroom, molly ivins, monty python, muriel spark, mythcon, neil gaiman, nfl, nlp, number theory, nyrsf, paul di filippo, paul krassner, paul watzlawick, peter straub, philip k. dick, philip larkin, philosophy, polyamory, punctuation, ralph ellison, rasff, rats, raymond smullyan, red meat, richard condon, robert anton wilson, robert heinlein, robert shea, robert sheckley, robert silverberg, robertson davies, rockabilly, rudy rucker, satire, science fiction, science fiction fandom, science fiction fanzines, secret history, simulating normal adult behavior, sloth, sociolinguistics, spelling, star trek, subverting the dominant paradigm, suzette haden elgin, swarthmore, taoism, thaddeus golas, theodore sturgeon, theology, thomas pynchon, timebinding, topology, tricksters, united perverts, used bookstores, vanilla porn, vladimir nabokov, wallace stevens, wile e. coyote

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