El Coyote Gordo (supergee) wrote,
El Coyote Gordo

They're in a better place now

Posts & comments from Facebook:

* I don’t want Trump to die yet. I want him to twist slowly, slowly in the wind, implicate as much of his crime family as possible, and babble so senilely that even most of the MAGAts notice.

* Tipping is one of the nice things we can’t have because people are shits. The way it was supposed to work, the workers would get a living wage and the customers would pay a little extra if the service was particularly good. Instead the employers were allowed to cut the wages so the workers couldn’t survive on them, and a lot of stingy bastards claimed that their stinginess was principle. We probably have to outlaw it.

* OK, who’s gonna start a rock group called Phony Emoluments Clause?

* Trump has given the Russians more sensitive info than the Rosenbergs were fried for.
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