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Suzette Haden Elgin (olev ha-sholem) said that many people are touch-dominant and relate to the world by making contact with it. My immediate reaction was that it would not be fun to work for such a person, especially if one is of a sex the boss is attracted to.

I have spent many years in a 12-step program in which hugging is mandatory. I didn’t like it at first, but thanks to much Remedial Hugging, I now do it competently.

Joe Biden appears to be touch-dominant. It is of course an order of magnitude different from our president’s pussy grabbing, but the culture is finally beginning to take personal space more seriously, even when the person violating it is a high-status white male who means well.

This strikes me as a sign that while Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders are great people who should keep doing what they’re doing indefinitely, I hope the Democratic presidential nominee is someone younger.
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