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Elenbarathi: Abandon hopeelenbarathi on March 23rd, 2018 08:24 pm (UTC)
Another good question, for the cops wearing military-surplus camo, is "Who are you trying to hide from, and do you really believe it's working?"

Seriously, though, does anybody really believe these heavily-armed LEOs are "in fear for their lives" from children with toys, disabled people with kitchen knives, or totally-unarmed people with their hands on their heads crying "Please don't shoot me"? Give me a fucking break!

All this just glaringly illustrates the need for:

a) stringent gun control,
b) rigorous psychological assessment and background checks for police academy candidates,
c) intensive police training in non-violent intervention and de-escalation,
d) independent (i.e. non-police-affiliated) investigation of every incident in which an officer's firearm is discharged, regardless of whether anyone was killed or injured,
e) serious consequences for officers or police departments that cover up, falsify or fail to report incidences of police violence, including all non-firearm actions such as Tasing or forcible restraint,
f) ongoing training and yearly psychological testing for all, and counseling/reassignment as necessary for officers under stress.
g) zero tolerance for officers engaging in white nationalism or other hate-groups.

".... and while I'm dreaming, I'd like a pony."

Edited at 2018-03-23 08:27 pm (UTC)