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23 February 2018 @ 07:06 am
Do I have to share a species with these people?  
Beyond drinking urine

Thanx to [personal profile] andrewducker
Elenbarathi: Abandon hopeelenbarathi on February 23rd, 2018 09:39 pm (UTC)
'Urine therapy' is both disgusting and unscientific, but there's no denying it does have a long and venerable history in the folk medicine of many cultures.

I can understand the illiterate poor using whatever folk remedies they've got, because they don't know any better, and even if they did, they can't get any better. But people with access to the Internet?!? C'mon, don't they ever look this stuff up?

Sheesh, down the research rabbit-hole. Know what's worse than putting your own aged pee in your eyes? Injecting it into your veins!