El Coyote Gordo (supergee) wrote,
El Coyote Gordo

Some books I enjoyed last year

A Lowcountry Heart*****Pat Conroy
Avid Reader*****Robert Gottlieb
Angels of Music*****Kim Newman
How God Became God*****Richard Smoley
The History of Jazz*****Ted Gioia
Alfred Bester*****Jad Smith
The Book of Joy*****Douglas Abrams
Hank*****Mark Ribowsky
Frick******John P. Carvalho
Steven Spielberg: A Life in Films*****Molly Haskell
The Glass Universe*****Dava Sobel
The Secret Teachers of the Modern World*****Gary Lachman
In the Midnight Hour*****Tony Fletcher
France*****Jonathan Fenby
The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years*****Edward Gross & Mark A. Altman
Inner Christianity*****Richard Smoley
The Attention Merchants*****Tim Wu
A Very English Scandal*****John Preston
Krazy*****Michael Tisserand
Michael Moorcock*****Mark Scroggins
Dynastic, Bombastic, Fantastic*****Jason Turbow
Children’s Fantasy Literature*****Michael Levy & Farah Mendlesohn
Bear*****Robert Greenfield
Casey Stengel*****Marty Appel
Charles Dickens: An Introduction*****Jenny Hartley
The Cubs Way*****Tom Verducci
Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast*****Megan Marshall
Protestants*****Alec Ryrie
The Givers*****David Callahan
Everybody Had an Ocean*****William McKeen
The Statesman and the Storyteller*****Mark Zwonitzer
Leo Durocher*****Paul Dickson
Stephen Stills: Change Partners*****David Roberts
Insane Clown President*****Matt Taibbi
Language of the Spirit*****Jan Swafford
When Paris Sizzled*****Mary McAuliffe
The Evangelicals*****Frances FitzGerald
Mary Astor’s Purple Diary*****Edward Sorel
Hal Trosky*****William H. Johnson
Shrill*****Lindy West
Sex and the Constitution*****Geoffrey R. Stone
Manderley Forever*****Tatiana de Rosnay
The Murderous History of Bible Translations*****Harry Freedman
Urban Shocker*****Steve Steinberg
Robert Lowell: Setting the River on Fire*****Kay Redfield Jamison
Big Hair & Plastic Grass*****Dan Epstein
Bit by Bit*****Andrew Ervin
FAST MINDS*****Craig Surman & Tim Bilkey
There’s a Mystery There*****Jonathan Cott
Iain M. Banks (MMSF)*****Paul Kincaid
Head in the Cloud*****William Poundstone
Where Memory Hides*****Richard A. Lupoff
Young Radicals*****Jeremy McCarter
One Nation under Baseball*****John Florio & Ouisie Shapiro
Anatomy of a Song*****Marc Myers
The Streak*****John Eisenberg
The Long Reach of the Sixties*****Laura Kalman
Lou*****Lou Piniella & Bill Madden
A Man and His Presidents*****Alvin S. Felzenberg
Bop Apocalypse*****Martin Torgoff
The One-Cent Magenta*****James Barron
A Mind at Play*****Jimmy Soni & Rob Goodman
Chester B. Himes*****Lawrence P. Jackson
The Berlin Project*****Gregory Benford
The Pride of the Yankees*****Richard Sandomir
The Age of Reform*****Richard Hofstadter
Electric October*****Kevin Cook
Money, Murder, & Dominick Dunne*****Robert Hofler
Wild Things*****Bruce Handy
Schlesinger: The Imperial Historian*****Richard Aldous
The Republic for Which It Stands*****Richard White
Crash Override*****Zoe Quinn
The Bughouse*****Daniel Swift
If You Lean In, Will Men Just Look Down Your Blouse?*****Gina Barreca
Just a Journalist*****Linda Greenhouse
J.G. Ballard (MMSF)*****D. Harlan Wilson
What the Qur’an Meant*****Garry Wills
Fantasyland*****Kurt Andersen
No Time to Spare*****Ursula K. Le Guin
Draft No. 4*****John McPhee
Moral Combat*****R. Marie Griffith
True Stories and other Essays*****Francis Spufford
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