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21 November 2017 @ 05:34 am
Roy Moore  
To an alarming extent, Alabama is really like that.
Tom Jacksonjacksontom on November 21st, 2017 04:37 pm (UTC)
I did not think I could feel any more disappointed and disgusted in American politics until the rise of Roy Moore. As much as I am disappointed by the American left these days, the right always seem to rise up and say, "No! No! We're still much worse!"
Elenbarathi: Abandon hopeelenbarathi on November 22nd, 2017 08:42 pm (UTC)
If the people of Alabama dislike being regarded as ignorant, superstitious, xenophobic bigots with a long history of murdering innocent people in the name of their hateful, hideously-twisted version of 'Christianity', then maybe they might consider the option of not being that.

Yeah right. Y'know, the BEST thing about the Roy Moore affair is the way it's causing so many young people to walk away from the evangelical agenda in disgust. Jesus had a lot to say on the subject of hypocrisy; the right-wing is now giving the best illustration of that since the Borgia Popes, and in our Age of Information, that fact is not going un-noticed.

Lucky for all these Christianist hate-mongers that their Bronze Age religion is utter bollocks, because if it happened to be true, the vast majority of them would (according to Jesus, allegedly AKA God Almighty) be going straight to Hell with no saving throw.
eub on November 26th, 2017 06:15 am (UTC)
Are young people walking away? It would give me hope to hear from some.
Elenbarathi: Abandon hopeelenbarathi on November 27th, 2017 05:13 am (UTC)
In droves, it appears! Check it out: millennials reject evangelicals: cause for hope indeed.