El Coyote Gordo (supergee) wrote,
El Coyote Gordo

Careful what you wish for

Alternate history: Imagine, if you will, that the DNC had managed to figure out that disenfranchising large numbers of poor people and POC is Bad for the Democrats, and had successfully opposed it. President Clinton would now be facing a massive gridlock in which the Republicans would not let her appoint a Supreme Court justice because she might lose next time and by the way, once we do have a Republican president, he’ll fix everything.

They got what they wished for. President Trump is everything we knew he was, plus senile, but that’s not the bad part. They got the chance to install their program, only to make it obvious that they don’t have a program. What they have is an effort to pander to a set of mutually incompatible hatreds & greeds. That became painfully obvious with healthcare, where a couple of Republicans temporarily saved the party by having the courage to vote against a bill that everyone knew couldn’t work.

And now, as Charles Pierce points out, they have a tax plan which likewise will work if and only if Jesus comes back and overturns the Law of Noncontradiction. Basically, if they please their wealthy owners, they will produce something so transparently awful that the electorate would turn to the proverbial yellow dogs. Now if only we could trust the DNC to find yellow dogs.
Tags: rant

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