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26 October 2017 @ 07:35 am
Liberal blames society, bad childhoods  
Scott Alexander wonders why the New Atheists are so unpopular. One obvious oversimplification is that they’re assholes. Look at Richard Dawkins. Look at the alarming overlap with the Gamerhaters and the Alt Reich. Look at how many of them proclaim that religion is a crutch and kicking it out from under people is the most fun of all.

Here Benjamin Corey describes how he managed to get over the supposedly admirable state of being “God-fearing.” and remain a Christian. It seems obvious to me that scaring a kid like that is a form of child abuse. And the abused often become abusers.
eub on October 27th, 2017 08:20 am (UTC)
(Compare to social justice activists online calling some things racist. Like with movement atheism, this gets seen as attacking people, and causes tons of fights and controversy within the general liberal sphere. Tons -- there's no way you can call that staying inside an echo chamber unless you give the chamber a circular definition. And like with the atheism, some people who hear it do feel alienated, and only turn more against the whole "movement" in question. But some other people hear it and think huh, they do maybe have a point there. So social justice hasn't, from my perspective, burned all its bridges and turned into a thing nobody outside itself likes.)