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It has been said that when Milo Yiannopoulos sings “My Favorite Things,” he starts with white racism and Black dick. Now he is telling us that has married a Black man whose face we are not permitted to see. That has stirred up a lot of anger all around, which may be something he loves even more than the two things I just mentioned.

One reply included, “It is much easier to disregard working on the most intimate display of one’s politics—love—when the narrative is that love can’t be helped.” This happened to be aimed at Milo’s husband, but the only way you can tell it’s not aimed at Milo for being a “race traitor” is that it’s too articulate.

This is why I hate politics: its claim to be at the center of everything we do. Love should drive politics: Ideally, we engage in the forms of collective force that we dignify with the P-word out of love for all human beings and desire to minimize their suffering. Doing it the other way around leads to—and is—totalitarianism.
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