El Coyote Gordo (supergee) wrote,
El Coyote Gordo

LJ's loss in DW's gain

I have been asked to pass along the following:

Chiara (cmcmck) apologises for having vanished without so much as a farewell.

This is not what I would have wished.

As you'll appreciate, given what you know of my background, I could not in all conscience sign up to LJ's new ToS given what's going on in Russia with regard to LGBT and with domestic violence.

I couldn't get on to say goodbye nor even to delete the account. In truth, I wonder about the legalities of that!

Ten years of LJ down the tubes, just like that.

I had the Russian language ToS translated for me by someone who knows and just....no.

The day after they introduced the new ToS, LJ also introduced new rules about posting LGBT content and insisting it was 'adult'. Also no. I'm not going to prevent the odd desperate kid reading what I have to say about being trans.

I can still be found on DW under the same username and you're welcome to find me if you wish.

I've enjoyed your company and I hope to keep in touch with most of you.

I'll miss you all. :o(
Tags: signal boost
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