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10 March 2017 @ 05:44 am
Accurately representing millions of voters  
For years we heard that Paul Ryan was one of the smart Republicans. He would present some complex economic plan, and the Very Serious People would praise it, except for a few spoilsports like Paul Krugman who would actually read it and demonstrate that it made no sense.

Now, as Charles Pierce and many others have pointed out, Ryan has proclaimed that insurance cannot work if healthy people have to pay more to subsidize the sick, which is the way insurance always works.

He is nowhere near alone. Many, many people who get one vote each used it to rid themselves of the scourge of Obamacare only to discover to their shock that doing so would coincidentally remove the ACA that is keeping them alive. (It’s international: “Let’s vote ourselves out of the European Union. OK, now let’s find out what the European Union is.”)

I really don’t want them to lose their health care. Nature punishes stupidity, but the purpose of society is to be less unforgiving than nature. In fact, I’d like all of us to have a real national health system like the first world does, and the worst that would befall the Trump trusters is the galling realization that the colored and the queers have it too.
Elenbarathi: Abandon hopeelenbarathi on March 11th, 2017 01:32 am (UTC)
Ultimately, single payer/enhanced Medicaid for all is the only option that makes any sense. However, the Republicans will never agree to that. The blue states will institute state versions; the red states won't; the worst that will befall the Trump trusters will be more of what's already befalling them: unaffordable care, unpayable bills, bankruptcy, homelessness, premature death from neglect.

They'd rather have all that, than let the coloreds, the queers, and most of all the women have equal rights in our society. If it were just 'stupidity', we might find it morally obligatory to be forgiving, but it isn't; it's the intention to benefit from the suffering of others. Whether or not we apply the E-word to that intention and the behavior it engenders, the purposes of society are not served by condoning it.

I have zero sympathy for the GOP voters who will suffer from the policies of the GOP reps they elected, and not much more sympathy for the voters who weren't arsed to vote. They've thrown the whole planet under the bus, and whatever logical consequences come back on them for that are no more than their just desserts.

The people I'm sorry for are the innocent: those who had no say, and those who tried but failed to stand against the tide of folly.

Edited at 2017-03-11 01:33 am (UTC)
Johnjohnpalmer on March 13th, 2017 04:00 pm (UTC)
Honestly, the ACA is a sensible approach - single payer is a great option, too, but the ACA's method could yield benefits. Insurance companies would have incentives to find better ways to track care, and better methods to provide optimal care. Single payer might do the same thing, but with multiple insurance companies trying different things, it's *possible* that something better will be found.

I don't worry about single payer because it won't happen - and the ACA is possible, at least.