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Belated New Year’s Resolution

Whereas ad blockers are a necessary defense against spam and malware, I have decided that sites that don’t let us use ad blockers fall into the category of “An invader has no rights” and I can take their stuff and post it. Here is Kiplinger’s recognizing that I went to the best college in America and did library school at the best public university:

"Topping our combined list this year is Swarthmore College, a small, competitive liberal arts college outside of Philadelphia. Princeton University, in Princeton, N.J., leads the private universities list for the third straight time, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill—a perennial winner—once again takes top honors in our rankings of public colleges."

"Swarthmore College moved to the head of our combined list this year in part because of generous financial aid awards and a competitive 12% admission rate. It also leads our list of liberal arts colleges for the sixth time. Most of its idyllic 425-acre campus, 11 miles outside of Philadelphia, is set on an arboretum. Swatties can hop a train at the station at the edge of campus for the 30-minute ride to Philly’s Center City.

"Swarthmore’s annual sticker price ($64,840) is sobering at first glance. But more than half of its students receive need-based aid, and the average award slashes the total cost of attendance by 68%, to $20,584. Like many of the institutions in the upper tier of our rankings, the school’s financial aid awards keep loans off the table. All aid is in the form of scholarships and grants. One-third of students still borrow, but the average debt among recent graduates was $18,262, about 40% less than the national average for borrowers at private colleges.
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