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01 January 2017 @ 05:49 am
I survived 2016, as did my beloveds, nellorat and womzilla. Here are some books I enjoyed:
Sinatra: The Chairman // James Kaplan
The Givenness of Things // Marilynne Robinson
St. Marks Is Dead // Ada Calhoun
Swedenborg // Gary Lachman
The Life and Times of Mickey Rooney // Richard A. Lertzman & William J. Birnes
The Big Question // Alister McGrath
John le Carré // Adam Sisman
In a Different Key // John Donvan & Caren Zucker
The Idealist // Justin Peters
Charles Williams: The Third Inkling // Grevel Lindop
The Defender // Ethan Michaeli
The Comedians // Kliph Nesteroff
Maggie Smith // Michael Coveney
Exit Right // Daniel Oppenheimer
The Idea Factory // Jon Gertner
The Secret Life of the American Musical // Jack Viertel
Better Living through Criticism // A.O. Scott
Getting to Know Him // Hugh Fordin
Great Is the Truth // Amos Kamil & Sean Elder
Small Town Talk // Barney Hoskyns
The Geek Feminist Revolution // Kameron Hurley
You Could Look It Up // Jack Lynch
Roger Zelazny [U] // Theodore Krulik
American Character // Colin Woodard
The Grand Tour // Rich Kienzle
Between the World and Me // Ta-Nehisi Coates
The Man Who Invented Fiction // William Egginton
Science Fiction: A Guide for the Perplexed // Sherryl Vint
The Caped Crusade // Glen Weldon
Finley Ball // Nancy Finley
The Brazen Age // David Reid
The Legends Club // John Feinstein
A Murder over a Girl // Ken Corbett
The Lady with the Borzoi // Laura Claridge
The Merril Theory of Lit’ry Criticism // Judith Merril
The Name of God Is Mercy // Francis I
Confessions of a Sociopath // M.E. Thomas
Final Fridays // John Barth
Neither Snow nor Rain // Devin Leonard
How to Listen to Jazz // Ted Gioia
American Amnesia // Jacob S. Hacker & Paul Pierson
Love Game // Elizabeth Wilson
Love Wins // Debbie Cenziper
Speaking Freely // Robert L Bernstein & Doug Merlino
Stealing Games // Maury Klein
A Good Month for Murder // Del Quentin Wilber
Joyce: A Guide for the Perplexed // Peter Mahon
The Burger Court and the Rise of the Judicial Right // Michael J. Graetz & Linda Greenhouse
The Fifty-Year Mission // Edward Gross & Mark A. Altman
Dodgerland // Michael Fallon
The Games // David Goldblatt
Some Enchanted Evenings // David Kaufman
Bellow’s People // David Mikics
Perfectly Awful // Charley Rosen
Queer Virtue // Elizabeth M. Edman
Traveler of Worlds // Robert Silverberg & Alvaro Zinos-Amaro
Louis D. Brandeis: American Prophet // Jeffrey Rosen
Pistols and Petticoats // Erika Janik
The Last Innocents // Michael Leahy
The Book of the People // A.N. Wilson
The Six // Laura Thompson
The View from the Cheap Seats // Neil Gaiman
Connecting with Coincidence // Bernard D. Beitman
Empire of Imagination // Michael Witwer
Open to Debate // Heather Hendershot
Powerhouse // James Andrew Miller
Shirley Jackson: A Rather Haunted Life // Ruth Franklin
Hairs vs. Squares // Ed Gruver
Trainwreck // Sady Doyle
I Am Brian Wilson // Brian Wilson & Ben Greenman
Gunslinger // Jeff Pearlman
Love for Sale // David Hajdu
The Fantastic Horizon // Darrell Schweitzer
Showboat // Roland Lazenby
Literary Wonderlands // Laura Miller (ed.)
Stars and Strikes // Dan Epstein
The Bestseller Code // Jodie Archer & Matthew L. Jockers
Making Conversation // Teresa Nielsen Hayden
Tribe // Sebastian Junger
Words Are My Matter // Ursula K. Le Guin
The History of Rock & Roll // Ed Ward
The Pope of Physics // Gino Segrè & Bettina Hoerlin
Big Blue Wrecking Crew // Jerry Barca
The Brooklyn Nobody Knows // William B. Helmreich
Chuck Noll: His Life's Work // Michael MacCambridge
Makers and Takers // Rana Foroohar
QB // Steve Young & Jeff Benedict
The Feud // Alex Beam
TV (The Book) // Alan Sepinwall & Matt Zoller Seitz
Born to Run // Bruce Springsteen
The Daily Show (The Book) // Chris Smith
The Gothic Worlds of Peter Straub // John C. Tibbets
Wonderland // Steven Johnson
Grand Hotel Abyss // Stuart Jeffries
Octavia E. Butler // Gerry Canavan
99: Stories of the Game // Wayne Gretzky & Kirstie McLellan Day
Homeward Bound // Peter Ames Carlin
A Torch Kept Lit // William F. Buckley jr.