El Coyote Gordo (supergee) wrote,
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Untied States

I think it was in my 12-step program that I heard that we teach people how to treat us.

I grew up bipartisan under Eisenhower, a Republican president in the tradition of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt. The image is that he spent eight years on the golf course pulling his putts, but he accepted the New Deal, got us out of one Asian war, and kept us out of another. Under him, it felt good to be part of a loyal opposition.

But he was followed by Nixon, and the devolution continued with Reagan and even past Dubya, and the Republicans purged their more reasonable elements, and now this bipartisan thing doesn’t seem like it used to be,

“Not my president”? Samuel R. Delany pointed out that in English “my slave” and “my master” sound alike, and “my president” has always sounded more like the latter to me. To say the least, I shall live by Roosevelt’s idea that blindly following the man in the White House is “servile and unpatriotic,” and I urge Congress to heed the example set by Mitch McConnell* and take an approach somewhere between extreme skepticism and Don’t Let the Sumbitch Piss a Drop.

I don’t know if I’ll live to see Balkanized America, but it wouldn’t take me by surprise. I feel like a citizen of the Clinton Archipelago or Pantsuit Nation (the idea, not the registered trademark) or Baja Canada. I do not love sharing a nation with millions of people who took Trump seriously when he promised to rid the government of rich pigs like himself but not when he expressed his sincere desire to destroy Obamacare.

*Who doesn’t seem terribly concerned with foreign intervention in the recent vote.
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