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21 October 2016 @ 07:30 pm
“I’m suffering from design.”  
Technical discussion of how the Web is becoming unreadable
et in Arcadia egoboo: Sacred Chaoapostle_of_eris on October 23rd, 2016 05:56 am (UTC)
I can tell you something else about the poorly produced sites; in their designs, the allocation of space on the screen tends to reflect the distribution of the political power controlling the site. Programmers have a great deal of control, so there are lots of fancy tricks employed... designers control a great deal, so there are elaborate page navigation systems, and elaborate buttons to click on. The result is that content winds up with only a tiny share of the screen, often only 20-30% of the bandwidth! The rest is computer or administrative debris, or over-produced, over-crafted buttons.
-- Edward Tufte