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18 October 2016 @ 07:09 am
Secretaries are “presentable” women  

Thanx to andrewducker
(Anonymous) on October 18th, 2016 07:22 pm (UTC)
Back in the 1970's, before my career with the Postal Service, I was a legal secretary for about a year, one of only two males holding that position in the Phoenix area. One time, I answered a phone call from someone wanting to speak to my boss (who was off in court at the time). The fellow REFUSED to believe I was the secretary, accusing me of being my boss trying to duck out of talking with him. I finally got him to leave his contact info, promising to pass it along to my boss; I'm not sure he believed that last part.

It turned out later my boss really WAS trying to avoid talking with the fellow, because (surprise) the guy was a jerk.

--Bruce Arthurs