El Coyote Gordo (supergee) wrote,
El Coyote Gordo


Living in a country that threatens to elect Donald Trump, I cannot specifically look down my nose at the Brexiters.* We too have a number of people capable of voting their way out of the European Union and then frantically Googling to find out what the European Union is. Numerous voters are shocked to learn that voting actually had consequences and was not merely a way of saying, “Foreigners are big doody-heads.” Their leaders are no better; the Conservatives appear to have had no idea of what they would do next (besides going back to unwholesome acts with dead pigs) if they won, while the worst of the lot, Nigel Garbage, has practically said in so many words that his big economic argument was a lie. (Richard Nixon, who gains more and more relative appreciation all the time, would have said, “Inoperative.”)
*I can’t help thinking of the limerick: They looked at Europa and waved the distinguishing mark of their sex at her.

Even this will not kill the great fantasy of populism, that pious hope that under proper guidance the masses can be made to beat up on the rich instead of the minorities, the queers, and the geeks. I realize this is a horrible thing to say about anyone, but it looks as if vox populi really is Vox Day.
Tags: rant
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