El Coyote Gordo (supergee) wrote,
El Coyote Gordo

Race to the bottom

Back in the 80s, Coca-Cola noticed that Pepsi was selling better than Coke, so they decided to make Coke taste like Pepsi. In retrospect, the result was unsurprising: Pepsi drinkers kept drinking Pepsi because it did a better job of tasting like Pepsi, Coke drinkers hated the change because they liked Coke that tasted like Coke, and eventually the company switched back. Not learning from that, many people believe that Worldcon should become just like DragonCon because DragonCon is more popular.

And now Twitter has noticed that Facebook is more popular and keeps trying to switch from putting posts in boring old chronological order to an algorithmic order like Facebook’s. theferrett discusses.

Same thing? No, worse. Pepsi drinkers drink Pepsi because they like how it tastes. All those people who go to DragonCon presumably enjoy what DragonCon does and don’t wish they were at Worldcon instead. But Facebook is full of people (me, for instance) who wish it would give us posts in chronological order instead of in the order Facebook (and its advertisers) insist is what we really want.
Tags: social networks
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