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02 November 2015 @ 07:39 am
A Game of Balls  
Early in the Giants game yesterday, I told womzilla, “This one’s gonna be fun: Neither team can run the ball, and neither team can defend the pass.” It was: 100 points, 13 TD passes, last team with the ball wins.

My opinion is not unanimously accepted. One good result of the Puppy Mess is that it got me reading George R.R. Martin’s lj (grrm). He did not like the game, for partisan reasons (Giants lost) and because he likes defensive football, which I don’t. Matter of taste. It occurs to me that a good defensive football game is like A Game of Thrones, a series I greatly admire and respect but is not my idea of fun: lots of hand-to-hand combat and such. My kind of football is more like space wars.
Carbonelcarbonel on November 3rd, 2015 03:23 pm (UTC)
I saw the last nine minutes of the game after the Vikings won their game and the network switched to that one. At the update some a few minutes before, the Saints had been ahead 42-28, so the fact that it was tied up at the switch was impressive.

I'm with you; it would have been an enjoyable game to watch the entirety of. I can appreciate the skill close defensive games, but what I like seeing are long passes and successful plays, especially if it's my team carrying them off. And I prefer a game with some balance to it over blowouts -- especially if my team wins. (I have a long-standing grudge against the Saints, but other than that, I didn't have a strong preference in the Saints-Giants game.)

The Vikings won their game in the last few seconds after I was pretty sure they'd blown it. I'm not sure whether annoyance plus triumph does more for the endorphins than just sailing along leading all the way, but I had fun.