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27 June 2015 @ 04:43 pm
Just two kinds of people  
Gendered emotions. I think "masculine" and "feminine" are as useful for describing emotions, behavior, etc., as "Caucasian" and "Negroid."
don_fitch on June 28th, 2015 03:15 am (UTC)

Not to mention "Asian". I just spent the afternoon at the nearby West Covina Japanese Community Center and Buddhist Temple, which was celebrating o-bon matsuri. It's a Zen temple, with (I'd guess) almost half the congregation being caucasian (especially if you count Hispanics), but with a smattering of Blacks. That's for the _congregation_, mind you; the Festival visitors are mostly local-area Caucasians & Hispanics.

I might be too insensitive to Notice Things, but as far as I could figure out just about everyone was A. Enjoying the food. B. Enjoying visiting with both strangers & acquaintances/friends/familly. C. Enjoying People-Watching of people in Exotic costumes (kimono, or some approximation thereof). and D. Watching little kids (there were a remarkably large number of them from toddlers to c. 3 or 4 years old [which I find kinda frightening considering future population problems]) who seemed to me to be behaving in (mostly) delightful little-kid ways that seemed totally uninfluenced by race or culture. (Various displays in the Center indicate that most of these kids are the descendents of three generations of people with non-Japanese first names.

Oh, and I'm not sure, but I think the Priest officiating and the opening candle-lighting ceremony was only half-Japanese... at least, her hair was more dark brown than black.

Being Old and Decrepit, I didn't stay after 7 pm for more than a couple of dances (none of which was Tanko Bushi, which is the only Japanese folk dance I know, not that I can hear the song or even the drum-beat any more), and they'll still be going on for about another hour, but all this satisfied my nostalgia stemming from the 8 months I spent in the Army of Occupation c. 1950.

browngirl on June 28th, 2015 10:32 pm (UTC)
I have often waved my arms in print at you, so I wanted to make a point of thanking you for sharing this lovely description of your lovely day. :)
don_fitch on June 29th, 2015 02:15 am (UTC)
Thanks. You and I may have disagreed a few times, but mostly I've found you more sensible than most people (and hope you think the same of me).

But yeah, I mostly agree with the topic line -- I consider most people Nice on the whole, but capable of the occasional assaholery, and a few of them too obnoxious for me to want to associate with. *shrug*

Mostly, IMHO, people are people, with minor racial & cultural differences that are Interesting rather than obnoxious. And they all have Good Food. (Except those !@#$%^& New World Hispanics (& Schezwanese & Thai, &cet) who use a whole lot of chili-pepper. And I suppose even they have _some_ redeeming qualities, and they do have some foods that are delicious.)

[Waving arms and saying "HI!" back.]