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10 June 2015 @ 07:00 am
Standard corporate policy: If a lawyered-up rich asshole says one of your employees libeled him, dissociate the company from the alleged libel. There are two drawbacks to this:

1. It is disloyal to a valued employee.
2. As appeasement so often does, it just encourages the terrorists.

In the Irene Gallo case, the policy worked even worse because one of the things the fight is about is sexism, and it was a female employee who was abandoned, so I have to say Tor blew this one.

Another point is an asymmetry Martin Amis and others have written about. Earlier in the discussion, Brad Torgersen reveled in the submissive fantasy of the SJWs putting him in a gulag. There was much less reaction than to "N*z*." Godwin's Law refers to Hitler but not to Stalin. The assumption that any move to the left will set us on an irreversible course to the Full Marxy, complete with gulags and/or cultural revolution and/or wiping out all those with the privilege of literacy is as toxic as the easy invocation of Hitler and should be equally condemned.
Randy Byers: 2009-05-10randy_byers on June 11th, 2015 12:27 am (UTC)
You could chop off Ted Beale's head and stuff it up his ass, and he'd claim victory. You know he loves these denunciations of Doherty just as much as he loves Doherty's own statement.