El Coyote Gordo (supergee) wrote,
El Coyote Gordo

Hate speech

There appears to be a retrospective on Yoko Ono. Retrospecting, I remember all the racist and sexist abuse she received, and I have to admit that I joined in on it. I completely and abjectly apologize. That kind of rhetoric is evil, it encourages haters and other assholes, and of course it's completely irrelevant.

All we ever had to say was that her music is shit--shit on purpose and shit on principle. It's the art that hates art, the art that substitutes self-congratulating cleverness for actually producing works that give esthetic pleasure. It was funny once when Marcel Duchamp (who hated what he called "retinal art") displayed the urinal, and it was all redundant after Piero Manzoni sold cans of Merda d'Artista, which means what you think it does. Yoko Ono was not one iota worse than those white males.

People are still emitting that sort of hateful nonsense, but more of us are becoming aware of how utterly wrong it is. I like to think that Brad Torgersen threw away most of what little respect he had left when he accused John Scalzi of posting as a somdomite.
Tags: apology
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