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18 April 2015 @ 08:49 am
The bad old days  
More than 50 years ago, when I was at Swarthmore, a fellow student committed suicide. I learned about it when I was in the hospital for a minor infection and saw in the newspaper that a decapitated female body had been found on the railroad tracks. I worried that it was one of my friends (a number seemed capable of it) and felt guilt-laden relief the next day when I learned it was someone who was only a name and a face to me.

The Alumni Bulletin now informs me that everyone's first guess was right: A friend of hers tells us that the case was a powerful argument for legalized abortion. She adds that the Dean of Women (whom I had thought of as a minion of the repressive establishment) had been helpful in similar cases. Good for her.
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browngirl on April 18th, 2015 02:49 pm (UTC)
Yes, this.
BritHistorianbrithistorian on April 18th, 2015 02:54 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sharing this - I was born a few months after Roe v Wade was handed down, so I've only heard about things like this, but so long as there are people out there trying to overturn Roe, I think it's important to keep the stories alive of what things were like in the "bad old days."
bunnybuttbunnybutt on April 18th, 2015 04:32 pm (UTC)
I had an abortion in 1979. I was in college at the time. Had that option not been available to me, it is statistically likely I would have joined your classmate's fate, rather than face the alternative within my family dynamic.