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16 October 2014 @ 01:12 pm
The Watcher and the Watched  
The latest kerfuffle is mega-seller John Grisham* getting indignant because a friend of his was arrested for trying to sign up for a porn site that promised "16-year-old hookers." As many people pointed out, looking at child or teen porn (or for that matter at stolen nude pix) is aiding in the commission of a crime, which is a good argument against doing it.

But I have to wonder how much good is done by dangling temptation and entrapping those who fall for it. I suppose that in theory if we could arrest everyone who wanted to look at the stuff, no one would make it, but that seems awfully indirect.
* Grisham's Law states that lawyer novels drive everything else off the bestseller list.
John M. Burtjohn_m_burthotm on October 16th, 2014 05:58 pm (UTC)
Another argument for the practice is sowing mistrust: "It might be a trick!"
Like we aren't already paranoid enough....
Nation of Tire Saletdaschel on October 18th, 2014 02:34 pm (UTC)
yeah, i read that stuff: Grisham's reasoning was .. "let's say some Average Joe goes home, has a few too many, gets on the computer and - whoa! - winds up at a Child Porn site." okay, sure, i can see that / but, by the same token, Average Joe might have a few more and wind up in his daughter's bedroom - not doing anything, mind you - maybe just jerking off in the doorway while she's sleeping. some people have appropriate bounderies, some do not .. and *some* just need a little nudge ..
Johnjohnpalmer on October 20th, 2014 04:44 am (UTC)
Well, and it's complicated. There was a reference made to "16 year old hookers" as a website. And if I went to such a website, it would be on the assumption that they're all 18+, but playing younger for the illicit-thrill factor.

If all they had on a guy was he went so something like that, he shouldn't be charged - no mens rea provable. (Even if he tried to hire one - same principal "I assumed she was just *claiming* to be under 18!" - unless the perp was dumbshit enough to admit he thought she was 16 when AOC was 18.)

But most pedophiles are addicts and they can't just indulge a bit - it just feeds the addiction.

But then to complete the circle, I saw an article about a guy who realized he was a pedophile at 16 and found there simply wasn't any support - until he'd committed a crime. At that point, there'd be jail, sex offender registration, and mandated counseling (probably on his dime, because the US can be really frickin' stupid that way). How screwed up is that?

Edited at 2014-10-20 04:45 am (UTC)
MIKE SHERWOODdmsherwood53 on October 24th, 2014 09:50 am (UTC)
Harmless Fantasy or not
I wouldn't want to jail those who just peeked a couple of times. Maybe a Misdomeer with a Fine & Public Humiliation.
Have you in the States heard the UK Prosecuters report that their laterst trail thru the Web has found tens of thousands of Perps who use their Credit card to view Chils-Porn Site; far more than they can put before the Courts.