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I fear that I will always wish I could be a libertarian. I know that we cannot escape the animalistic activity known as politics, much as I would wish to, and the attempts to avoid it can make things worse. Still, libertarianism has much to offer. Many libertarians recognize that the corporation is not merely not a person but a gross intervention in the free market by the state. Radley Balko's libertarian distrust of the cops makes him an invaluable resource. And Justin Raimondo, though he describes himself as "Pat Buchanan's #1 gay supporter" (he admits there isn't much competition), has a long and honorable history of opposing Woodrow Wilson's wet dream of imposing democracy on the entire world and all its interventionist offspring. He has some thoughts on the question, such as
We must never forget that the political character of a state, whether it is democratic, theocratic, fascist, or communist, says nothing about the foreign policy it will pursue. A democracy can be and often is relentlessly aggressive, while a fascist dictatorship could just as readily be pacific and isolationist. Indeed, a democratic nation with a Messiah complex is far more dangerous to the world and to its own people than a relatively authoritarian state that just wants to reign over its little corner of the globe. A danger to the world because the special arrogance that infuses would-be messiahs allows them to commit the greatest crimes for the noblest of reasons. A danger to their own people because the very act of aggression and empire-building destroys the liberal character of democratic states, eating away their substance from within.

Thanx to RAW Illumination.
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