El Coyote Gordo (supergee) wrote,
El Coyote Gordo

Coke ad redux

For many people, including some who read this, Sunday evening was a festival of new TV ads, interrupted for some reason by funny-dressed big guys bumping into each other. (There was also a lengthy interlude of what has replaced music, but that's not important now.) Two of the ads won my support by the enemies they attracted: the Cheerios ad, with its interracial family, and the Coca-Cola ad, which included "America the Beautiful" in languages other than English. John Scalzi offers some info on it. I had not known that "America the Beautiful" was written by one of those early-20th-century spinsters who had a really close female friend and we can't be sure but....

Most of the ads went over my head because I am an old fart who doesn't know contemporary pop culture. I'm glad there was a lot less of the misogyny that seemed to rule the Super Bowl ads a few years ago. My least favorite was the Chevy ad with the bulls and the trucks. It dripped with testosterone, to the point where I was glad I didn't have to take a PED test after watching it.
Tags: advertising

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