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Charles Pierce is in good form this week. On the significance of the Super Bowl:
Yeah, there's a bigass football game this weekend, and I am tremendously disappointed that at least two mayors from towns in Washington state and Colorado didn't bet each other an ounce of their finest weed on the outcome. Until dope can be used as currency in a dumbass publicity stunts between second-rate politicians, we cannot truly be a free people
On the Republicans:
The Republican party's congressional delegations went on "retreat" this year in order to produce plan-like products that allegedly will address the nation's problems. Now that the crayons all have been put away, and nap time is over, the party has produced a plan-like product with "Immigration" written in big red letters across the top of the first page, one that has absolutely no chance of passage and also will get many people in the party throwing rocks at each other.
And on a favorite (deserving) target
Once again, I appeal to anyone who knows, please tell me where David Brooks buys his mushrooms.
Tags: quotefile
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