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There was a famous asshole in rasff who knew he was an asshole. He once mentioned that he was good enough at his day job (computers) to be an asshole there too. Richard Sherman reminds me of him.

Richard Sherman may be the best cornerback in the NFL. Last weekend he saved the Seattle Seahawks' win on the last play, and, interviewed immediately after (a bad idea), brayed that he was the greatest and the player he beat to the ball was a loser.

It was novel only in that it's usually the wide receivers who act like that (Choad Johnson, Terrell Owens). It certainly does not follow the ideal of sportsmanship that we attempt to inculcate the young with, and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has been doing damage control but will probably not punish Sherman, at least not enough to keep him from playing in the Super Bowl, where they need him.

Sherman is black. I think the rasff asshole is white, though I've never met him or seen a picture of him. I'm mentioning him to uphold the goodole liberal idea that it's never safe to assume that members of a particular group cannot do a particular thing. (A friend of mine was recently mansplained at by a woman.)

Recovering NFL fan Ta-Nehisi Coates has a couple of posts about the whole mess, very much worth reading (I said it was Ta-Nehisi Coates, didn't I?), that discuss the racial aspects and informed me that Sherman is a significantly more interesting person than I had thought.
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