El Coyote Gordo (supergee) wrote,
El Coyote Gordo

A good fight

Jeffrey Beall was a library school classmate of mine (UNC '90). He has gone on to investigate the world of open-source scholarly journal publishing, and he has found some nasty things crawling out from under the rocks. Our alma mater is supporting him:
SILS and the SILS Alumni Association commend Jeffrey Beall, our alumnus and colleague, in his courageous and vigorous efforts to advance fair and equitable scholarly publishing. Scholars, publishers, and librarians must work together to ensure that new knowledge is made available to humanity speedily and equitably. Mr. Beall, through his blog Scholarly Open Access: Critical Analysis of Scholarly Open-Access Publishing, advocates for open access publishing models that fairly reward producers and distributors for their efforts to broadly share new knowledge. His list of publishers that use questionable pricing, review, and processing models is open to discussion by all interested parties, and these discussions serve the common good. We encourage librarians, scholars, and their professional associations to defend and support Mr. Beall and all librarians, scholars, and publishers who work for fairness in scholarly publication.
Tags: publishing
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