El Coyote Gordo (supergee) wrote,
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andrewducker, without whom I would post much less frequently, has another couple of interesting links. One is to Heinlein scores. Robert A. Heinlein famously said that a REAL human being can see, hear, walk--sorry, wrong list--perform 21 different useful tasks, and anyone who cannot is much lower on the scale because "specialization is for insects."

On the other hand, celandine13 has a better idea. Rather than judge people globally as "stupid" or "lazy" or somesuch for failing at a task we consider particularly important, we should use a computer analogy: We all have individual programs for doing things, and some programs have flaws in them. It's not that we are bugs; we merely have bugs.

She suggests that we not treat people as hopeless, but it would seem that we cannot debug everyone for everything in the finite time the lifespan of the Solar System allows us. Specialization is for a species intelligent enough to realize what a great technique it is for adapting to human diversity.
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