El Coyote Gordo (supergee) wrote,
El Coyote Gordo

Respectable Sheckley

This is important. The New York Review of Books (or as some of us call it, the other New York Review) has a book program, bringing back really good writers such as Dwight Macdonald and Murray Kempton. Now they have ventured into our ghetto, bringing back one of our best. In my arrogant opinion, Robert Sheckley was the funniest writer of them all at the time when Philip K. Dick, Frederik Pohl, and William Tenn were in their prime. Store of the Worlds collects 26 of his best stories. (They aren't perfect; they left out "Bad Madicine," just as they missed the evisceration of Colin Wilson when they collected Macdonald's best.) Two more things: If you want to know more about him, my review of the NESFA collection of his novels, which I also recommend extremely, and the ToC:
The Monsters
Seventh Victim
The Accountant
Paradise II
All the Things You Are
The Native Problem
Pilgrimage to Earth
A Wind is Rising
Dawn Invader
Double Indemnity
Language of Love
Morning After
The Red Slayer
The Store of the Worlds
Shall We Have a Little Talk?
Cordle to Onion to Carrot
The People Trap
Can You Feel Anything When I Do This?
Is That What People Do?
Beside Still Waters
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