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New improved Robert Anton Wilson Web site

Thanx to (who else?) RAW Illumination.

A relevant quote (from the 80s):
The head of the Sinn Fein (shin fayn) party is one Gerry Adams, who is widely believed (I might say universally believed) to be the head also of the I.R.A., although it is libelous to say so explicitly. There is actually a law against interviewing him on television (!) although he may paradoxically be interviewed in newspapers (!!). He says the Church sucks, capitalism sucks, all the other parties suck, and “armed struggle” is the only answer, although he denies that he is involved in it. There is also an Ecology Party and an Ecologist Party, but they get so little publicity that I have not discovered what vital ideological difference distinguishes them.

Whatever one thinks of all this, it is at least less monotonous and more entertaining than the two-party system in the U.S.
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