El Coyote Gordo (supergee) wrote,
El Coyote Gordo


Many people are linking to the Samuel Jackson recitation of "Go the **** to Bed." There are two sides to every story, so I dug up my old book of rugby songs and found the other side:


Sandman is coming, all the world is still,
Take the little darling up the wooden hill,
Kiss the little angel, blow the candle out,
Tip toe across the room, (shhh),
And the bastard starts to shout:

Chorus: Tell me a story, tell me a story,
Tell me ' bout the brothel that me Auntie used to keep.
Tuck me in my little bed, stroke my little tousled head,
Tell me a story and I'll go to ******* sleep!

Tell me a story, tell me a story,
Tell me 'bout when auntie used to fiddle with your flies,
Where's me poofy uncle Frank, show me how to have a wank,
Tell me a story, and I'll close me ******* eyes.
Tags: offensive
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