July 9th, 2021


Recent reading

In the hospital I caught up with four new books I really wanted to see:

* Cosmic Trigger; The Play was delightful and reminded me that I am not all that’s left of the Illuminatus! Nut Cult

* The Free World is the great Louis Menand taking us through the years I grew up in, with the Big Beat and the Beat Generation and even showing that Jackson Pollock was not doing something a five-year-old could do (but you still don’t have to like it).

* F. Brett Cox continues the awesome Illinois Modern Masters of Science Fiction series with Roger Zelazny, from the promise of those little Ace books, through Isle of the Dead and Doorways in the Sand down to the mechanical reproduction of forever Amber to the final triumph at the Lonesome October

* Nothing Is Wrong and This Is Why is all that good stuff we’ve been reading by Alexandra Petri: Chris Christie has no mouth and must scream, the crisis actor’s protest, male authors describe men right, the defense of Confederate statues by someone who really truly isn’t a pigeon, and more more more