September 13th, 2019


Duty avoided

I have received a summons for the Jury Draft. I was going to explain that my hearing deficiencies would make me an ambulatory obstruction of justice, but I see that one sufficient excuse is Over 70 and DONTWANNA.

Taking some of my better Facebook comments to a more interesting venue

Let us not forget that Trump was elected by people who think that a printed map with a crude Sharpie addition demonstrating the point at issue is an Official Scientific Document if the President says so.

As they say, the Jets folded like a Trump casino.

Is it worse if Trump’s Seekrit Meeting story is true or false?

At least President Trump hasn’t tried to eat steak with light bulbs in it through a straw. Yet.

Putting up a graven image of the 10 Commandments is self-refuting.

Star Wars brought about the replacement of sf (which you read) by sci-fi (which you watch). One of its many pernicious effects was that one no longer had to be literate to be a geek.

May Zuck have to click on something desperately important to him and the screen suddenly moves and he winds up at a Hate Facebook site.