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El Coyote Gordo
07 June 2019 @ 05:37 am
One thing Israel has in common with the US is that their #1 guy is a fascist and a criminal. But they’re getting closer to apprehending theirs and it’s getting weird.

Thanx to Avedon's Sideshow.
El Coyote Gordo
07 June 2019 @ 05:56 am
The American media love to panic over drugs. Being somewhat old, I have lost count of the number of substances that are reported to give superhuman strength to their users. Fentanyl is a really nasty drug, like heroin only stronger (and, like Oxycontin, produced by corporate rather than officially criminal users), and the media have risen to the occasion by making it sound even worse. No, touching it won’t kill you. [Reason; CW: libertarian cooties]

Thanx to RAW Illumination.
El Coyote Gordo
07 June 2019 @ 06:03 am
Frederik Pohl’s Gateway

Thanx to Tor.com.