April 2nd, 2019


Another good one gone

Vonda N. McIntyre may be best known for trying to make the novelization an art form, filling out and explaining Star Treks II-IV. (Among other things, she gave Mr. Sulu a first name, which became canon.) She then novelized a nonexistent TV show (Starfarers) and wrote two Nebula-winning novels: Dreamsnake and The Moon and the Sun. It is reported that she finished one last novel before cellular life on its own terms got her.

Living in science fiction

I am about to join the 21st century (“dragged kicking and screaming” would be an exaggeration) by getting a smartphone. The part that bothers me is writing messages, as I am clumsy (“dick-fingered,” the Texans say) with hands that have always trembled and age has withered and/or custom staled. (The term I like is claudication, because it is an Anthony Burgess word; no Burgess novel is complete without claudication and apotropaic.) I am told one can get a phone with a stylus, which should help. Suggestions and advice gratefully accepted.