January 3rd, 2019



Why is a government shutdown that was created by the president because he is a vicious moron inspiring people to demand that we stop paying Congress for the duration?

"Personal morality"

Jerry Falwell Jr. says that we shouldn’t judge the president by his “personal morality” (by which he means, as his kind always does, sexual morality). I think the blind pig has found an acorn. Trump’s politics should get him thrown out of office, and his business dealings should get him locked up, but the adultery is his business. Any political scale that ranks Richard Nixon ahead of Martin Luther King is broken.

Good Riddance

For years Paul Ryan would produce large, impressive-looking financial plans, and the Very Serious People would say how wonderful it is that we have such an intelligent conservative. Then Paul Krugman would actually read the things and tell us wherein they made no sense. The public has caught up with Krugman (Ryan now has a 12% favorability rating.) Have the Very Serious People? [Raw Story]