January 1st, 2019


New Year

Today I celebrate 15 years on livejournal, which has few of the many flaws of Facebook and is where I post the good stuff. I am supergee over there, and I never do locked posts, and I invite all of you to read me there. I also do the same posts under the same name on Dreamwidth.

Some books I enjoyed last year

Sticky Fingers ***** Joe Hagan
Improv Nation ***** Sam Wasson
The Tropes of Fantasy Fiction ***** Gabrielle Lissauer
We Were Eight Years in Power ***** Ta-Nehisi Coates
The Case for Fanfiction ***** Ashley J. Barner
The Pursuit of Power ***** Richard J. Evans
Keeping On Keeping On ***** Alan Bennett
Playing with Fire ***** Lawrence O’Donnell
Something Said ***** Gilbert Sorrentino
A Conversation Larger than the Universe ***** Henry Wessells
The Rub of Time ***** Martin Amis
Why Poetry ***** Matthew Zapruder
Word by Word ***** Kory Stamper
Why Comics? ***** Hillary Chute
Agatha Christie: A Mysterious Life ***** Laura Thompson
True Gentlemen ***** John Hechinger
Michael Curtiz ***** Alan K. Rode
What Are We Doing Here? ***** Marilynne Robinson
On Sunset Boulevard ***** Ed Sikov
The Gourmands’ Way ***** Justin Spring
Victorious Century ***** David Cannadine
The Most Dangerous Man in America ***** Bill Minutaglio & Steven L. Davis
Paul Simon: The Life ***** Robert Hilburn
The Rest of It ***** Martin Duberman
God Save Texas ***** Lawrence Wright
Homey Don’t Play That ***** David Peisner
The Bend at the End of the Road ***** Barry N. Malzberg
The Cadaver King and the Country Dentist ***** Radley Balko & Tucker Carrington
The 1967 American League Pennant Race ***** Cameron Bright
Broad Band ***** Claire L. Evans
Warren Spahn ***** Lew Freedman
Planet Funny ***** Ken Jennings
Psience Fiction ***** Damien Broderick
Bugs ***** John Sladek
The Undoing Project ***** Michael Lewis
The Best Minds of My Generation ***** Allen Ginsberg
In the Name of the Father ***** Mark Ribowsky
Joy in Tigertown ***** Mickey Lolich & Tom Gage
Confidential Confidential ***** Samantha Barbas
Frank & Al ***** Terry Golway
Basketball: A Love Story ***** Jackie MacMullan et al.
These Truths ***** Jill Lepore
An Informal History of the Hugos ***** Jo Walton
Deleting Your Social Media Accounts ***** Jaron Lanier
Collision of Wills ***** Jack Gilden
Astounding ***** Alec Nevala-Lee
A Mad Love ***** Vivien Schweitzer
The Big Fella ***** Jane Leavy
Help! ***** Thomas Brothers
Football for a Buck ***** Jeff Pearlman
A Carnival of Losses ***** Donald Hall
Valley of Genius ***** Adam Fisher
The Library Book ***** Susan Orlean
Heirs of the Founders ***** H.W. Brands
The Essential Kabbalah ***** Daniel C. Matt