December 13th, 2016


Russian plot

No, I don’t blindly believe the CIA, especially when it’s anonymous “informed sources,” but when the agency whose job it is to look into things like that says that the Russians diddled with the late election, it behooves us to investigate before the Electoral College decides. Charles Pierce gets it right, as usual.


There is no such thing as a Nobel Prize for singing. Saul Bellow would have won even if that’s why he was called that. So I was unconflicted about Bob Dylan winning. And he did the ceremony right, making an eloquent statement and sending Patti Smith to sing one of his songs better than he does, which is kind of like being a better human being than Donald Trump.

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The Pathetic Sons of Bitches* attempted a putsch against the Hugoes and failed. Eric Flint makes some highly intelligent points in suggesting that the Dragon Awards represent a better approach.
*And the Sad Puppies begat the Rabid Puppies. Vox Day is technically not a Neo-Nazi. Pass it on.

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