October 10th, 2016


Not Just Trump

Charles Pierce summarizes:
Do I mock? Of course, I do. The Republican Party has been edging toward this catastrophe for 40 years, ever since it let goons like the late Terry Dolan help run its senatorial campaigns in the late 1970s. Dolan led to Lee Atwater, who led to Karl Rove and, altogether, they made Donald Trump not an aberration, but a culmination. It took into itself the debris of American apartheid. It allied itself with radicalized American Protestantism. It adopted a basic political philosophy of vandalism and nihilism. When confronted with an opportunity for human decency, such as in the case of Terri Schiavo, the party opted for cruelty. When presented an opportunity for political unity, such as in the aftermath of the attacks of September 11, the party opted for the despicable in domestic politics and for the barbaric overseas. When handed an opportunity to change course, such as when the deregulated casino economy nearly destroyed the world in 2008, it doubled down on the basic economic philosophy that caused the wreckage in the first place. And when it became plain that the party was on the wrong side of history, such as the movement for marriage equality, it chose to work in the states through pestiferous god-botherers like Mike Pence, whose name Kelly Ayotte will write in for president.

Annual Holiday Post

"There goes the neighborhood"--unidentified Native American, 1492

"He knew the world was round-o
His balls hung to the ground-o
That navigatin', masturbatin'
Son of a bitch Columbo"--folk song to which T.S. Eliot wrote verses

"Columbus and his band slammed into these shores with all the force of a jet into a skyscraper"--The Rude Pundit


I have a number of the usual internal personalities: the 5-year-old, the prosecutor, Mr. T (for Tourette). But I don’t know how many other people have an internal Quartermaster.

I have a powerful desire to buy Supplies: school supplies though I no longer go to school, office supplies though I don’t have an office, art supplies though I’m not an artist. I like to think I haven’t bought all that much more than I’ve needed, and I seem to be gaining that sort of Wisdom of Age that Heinlein told us mostly resembles weariness. Now there all those nifty-colored things that have something to do with phones…I will be strong.