October 5th, 2016


Justice Delayed

It is generally agreed that indicting a major-party presidential candidate before the election would be seen by many as an unjust intervention in the political process. So I imagine Preet Bharara pondering a collection of charges including federal income tax evasion, mail fraud connected with Trump University, fraud connected to his charitable foundation, espionage associated with Wikileaks, and illegal lobbying associated with Russia, and waiting patiently or otherwise for November 9. There could be a downside.

Golden Parachute

Since 2001, Bobby Bonilla has gotten a million dollars a year for not playing for the Mets. Curiously enough, he does not appear to have brought a major computer company to near-collapse, forced hundreds of employees to blow him, or done anything comparable.

Charles Pierce reports

(1) Alex Jones called Julian Assange a “buttplug.” As the Ethnics say, even a stopped clock is right three times a day.

(2) Trying to find something interesting to look forward to in the veep debate, Pierce noted that both candidates, though Catholic, “have gotten themselves crossways with Holy Mother Church”: Kaine, because like millions of Catholics, he has pulled away from the hierarchy’s policies of hatred of women and queers, and Pence, who would love those policies even if his support for them hadn’t won him the nomination, because of his displeasure at the Church involving itself in the sort of thing Jesus cared about, in this case sheltering Syrian refugees.

(3) Paul Ryan’s craven submission to Trump has forced some of his supporters to realize that he is what he was all along.