January 20th, 2016On this day in different years


David Geddes Hartwell, 1941-2016

The rap on David Hartwell was that his taste was too good for the marketplace. Thirty years ago he was publishing all sorts of great stuff at Timescape, but the suits shut it down because it was not making enough money. (According to some reports, enough money to overcome the bath they’d taken on a John Irving book.) He moved over to Tor and continued to give us excellent sf. He created NYRSF, a continuing source of valuable sf criticism, which he had already turned over to Kevin Maroney. He was a good friend. Making Light remembers him.


In my continuing battle with the form of realism known as depression, I have been sitting in front of a full-spectrum light 20 minutes a day. I have taken that opportunity to reread a couple of classic polymath books. Having concluded this iteration of Cultural Amnesia by Clive James, I am turning to Guy Davenport's Geography of the Imagination. I am enjoying them again and recommend them to one and all.