January 2nd, 2016


Postmusical meets postphilatelic

A while back I wrote something to memorialize a childhood hobby, stamp collecting:
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A Horrible Example of what happened to postage stamps was the small Asian country of Bhutan, which printed stamps on all sorts of materials that were not made for them (plastic, metal) and would honor anything people would pay for. The ultimate inadvertent satirical extension was stamps that could be played as records. Here’s a post about it.

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ETA: Oh, and while I am at it: Those four ugly, vague things the Postal Service is going to excrete for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek are presumably what they are reduced to when they don’t want to pay royalties.
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Remember when computers were supposed to run at computer speeds? Here’s a big fat article about how everything on the Web is too big and fat. He’s right. Not having to wait while the advertisers (and presumably the NSA et al.) note our presence would help, but that's just crazy talk.

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One of the good things about the new Star Wars is that Princess *hyuk hyuk* Leia has matured into General Organa, a middle-aged woman who looks like a middle-aged woman. Carrie Fisher, who has always been a nifty person despite being Princess Leia, is not taking any crap from the idiots who object.

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Star Wars redux

John C. Wright* does not like the new Star Wars because Rey is not a damsel in distress. Love it! The movie has blown away the Nutty Nuggets argument, the case that bang-bang sci-fi adventure with lots of plot and special effects also needs Young White Guy Gets Busty Babe or it’s not the real thing.

*This link may be seen as a kind of benevolent Rickroll.