September 30th, 2015

fractal brain

At play in MacArthur Park

Some people hate the word genius because it implies that abilities are not given out in a fair and equitable manner. So every year when the MacArthur Foundation gives out its awards, there are those who don't want to use the G word. In any event, this year the foundation did a good thing in declaring Ta-Nehisi Coates one, as explained by Yoni Appelbaum. Bonus: The winner himself wise-asses about it.

Throwup Throwback

The Past is a foreign country, and it sometimes sends us the wretched refuse of its teeming shores. Arizona (unsurprisingly) has a Loyalty Oath. That excellent writer James Sallis told them to place it where the sun don't shine.

ETA: Which inspired George R. R. Martin to note that he lives in New Mexico, rather than the state that aspires to grow up to be Mississippi.