September 29th, 2015

fat goddess


The Iron Law of Euphemism states that any euphemism will last only as long as it takes for people to notice that it refers to the same offensive concept, and then the euphemism will need a euphemism. I expect some day to hear children crying, "Mommy! Bobby said a bad word! He called me special!" Large women are special.

Thanx to Metafilter


A gang of people who think women should be baby machines made a dishonest movie pretending that Planned Parenthood is in the business of selling baby parts. Business failure Carly Fiorina found it insufficiently horrific and made up some worse stuff. The Republican faction that chased John Boehner out for being too reasonable is taking it from there to conclude that the government paying for abortions (which it isn't doing but should be) is every bit as good a reason to bring the government to an ass-grinding halt as Obamacare or Newt Gingrich not getting a good seat on Air Force One, which they may be right about. I hate living in a satirical dystopia.

Folk wisdom revisited

As words and concepts change, sayings should change:

1. "A good baseball player fails two thirds of the time."
Baseball geeks now look at On Base Average, rather than Batting Average, so a good player fails about half the time.

2. "God doesn't make junk."
By contemporary meanings, God made junk for all of us, but some got the wrong kind and have to have it changed.