July 20th, 2015


Assisted suicide

You don't have to be as old as I am to remember when the bookstore chains were the Great Satan. Then Amazon came along to give us a new appreciation of them. Here is Sarah A. Hoyt, explaining that Borders killed itself and Amazon merely helped.

Content note: This being a Sarah A. Hoyt post, it contains a bit of Commie Menace Boogie Boogie. I believe she is a PTSD anticommunist, so traumatized by what Marxism did to her beloved Portugal that she sees it everywhere and thinks it's even worse than it is.

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Also, water is wet

The IMF says giving money to the rich actually hurts the economy; giving money to the poorest helps the most. As I may have said here before, "trickle down" is the wrong scatological metaphor. The right one is "Money is like manure: If you spread it around, it makes things grow. If you pile it up in one place, it just stinks."

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