June 11th, 2015



20 years ago Jeb Bush, in an ecstasy of slut shaming, pointed to The Scarlet Letter as an example of how well America used to do these things. Amanda Marcotte points out that he got it wrong. Fortunately, that challenging classic of Required Reading has now been translated into terms even a Republican can understand.

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40 years ago I bought a book called Women Are Beautiful. That was not a concept I would have disputed, and the book, a collection of street photos of "ordinary" women of various sizes, shapes, and colors, did a remarkable job of demonstrating that. Here's how Garry Winogrand did it.

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Sports smut

Serena Williams is large, strong, black, female, and extremely good at what she does. That combination inspires many to a prurient combination of lust and loathing that many are unable to keep out of outside voice. Unfortunately, some of the more acceptably phrased versions are published as journalism.

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