June 8th, 2015


Phonically correct

James Fallows on Announcer Speak, aka Mid-Atlantic English. My parents spoke that way because they taught in the New York City school system in the 1930s, when it was required. My father and two of his math team classmates tried out for jobs out of college, and all passed everything but the speech test with flying colors. My father was foreign-born, one of the others was Jewish, and the third one was Black, and they all sounded like what they were. The second time around, they mastered the requisite Mid-Atlantic, and they all went on to distinguished teaching careers.


In the Sixties, the hippies were a great big projective test. Many normal white citizens looked at these weirdos who had apparently broken free of society's constraints. They would say, "But what if everybody…" and then they would spit out their heart's secret desire.

The president of a leading pro-choice organization is pregnant, and many on the other side are aghast that someone would freely choose that condition.

Obvious corollary: Sumbnall homophobes doubt that any man would choose sex with soft icky women rather than strong manly men were it not for God's holy commandment to be fruitful and multiply.

Thanx to Jezebel